Coaching Youth Basketball
A Guide for Players, Parents, and Coaches

Welcome to Coaching Youth Basketball.

Our goal is to provide players, parents, and coaches detailed fundamental skill instruction on how to play and coach the game of basketball.

There are many terrific basketball coaching resources available. Our site will provide information developed to specifically coach and teach the YOUTH BASKETBALL PLAYER. A main objective of many youth coaches is to teach the fundamentals of the game.

Our site will IDENTIFY the FUNDAMENTALS to teach,

and provide COACHING METHODS designed to teach the FUNDAMENTALS to youth basketball players.

We will provide this information in a fun, unique, and memorable way so that youth coaches can easily teach the skills and kids can understand and apply the fundamental skills as they play. FREE VIDEO CLIPS of skill instruction are included on our site as an example of how video can serve as a powerful learning tool. Most importantly, we hope to provide information on coaching youth basketball that creates an environment that helps all kids, parents, and coaches enjoy this great game and want to play it all the time!

We believe it is important to teach the kids "how to play", before teaching the kids "how to run plays".

Many times in the game of youth basketball, success seems to be measured only by scoring baskets. Not all kids are capable of scoring baskets, but most are capable of learning and having success at many other fundamentals involved in playing the game. There will be a time in each kid's development that the basket scoring will happen more easily, but until that time, it is good to focus on the many other fundamental basketball skills our site will detail. We hope to provide coaching instruction and techniques that will provide the solid foundation of Individual and Team Fundamentals for "how to play".


Coaching Youth Basketball Library specifically developed by Flames Basketball to help TEACH the game of basketball at the youth level. Our Library can be found here FLAMES BASKETBALL PRODUCTS PAGE.

As youth basketball coaches, we have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to have a positive impact on the future of our players. The game of basketball is a great teacher of life skills and provides a learning environment that mirrors many of life's defining situations. Teamwork, effort, sharing, risk, highs, lows, disappointment, excitement, respect, motivation, caring, preparation, reward, wins, loss, anticipation, and many others are part of basketball and life. We may never coach a college or NBA player, but we will all surely have the opportunity to coach and teach many young players that will some day grow to face real life. It's at that time, the value of what and how we coach and teach has real meaning.

So, THANKS, for Coaching Youth Basketball.

Please enjoy exploring our site. We hope our site helps make the game of basketball even more fun to play, watch, and coach!

Basketball Coaching - View our Youth Basketball Coaching Products
Flames Basketball has developed a library of Youth Basketball Coaching Resources to help teach and coach the game of basketball.
Basketball Coaching Instructional Videos - Download and Streaming
now Flames Basketball instructional videos are available as a download for computer, iPhone, iPad, and Android device.
Basketball DVD Testimonials -Thanks for your positive comments on our DVD Series
Basketball DVD Testimonials - Thanks for your positive comments and support for our Youth Basketball Instructional DVD Series
Basketball Instruction - Private Lessons and Coaching
Basketball Instruction - private basketball coaching in the Kansas City Area with Flames Basketball School
Free Basketball Coaching Videos - How to Coach and Teach the Fundamentals
Coaching Youth Basketball - free basketball coaching videos of how to teach Basketball Fundamentals
Basketball - Shooting a Basketball
Shooting a Basketball - how to coach a youth basketball player to shoot the basketball correctly.
Coaching Youth Basketball - Passing and Receiving the Basketball
Passing the Basketball - how to teach a youth basketball player to pass and receive the basketball
Youth Basketball - Dribbling Skills
Dribbling - learn to coach the skills of Control Dribble - Crossover, Reverse, Spin - Change Direction/Speed to beat a Defender
Triple Threat Position - Coaching Youth Basketball
Coaching Youth Basketball - teaching the Triple Threat Position - establish a position square to the basket where the player is a threat to Shoot, Pass, or Dribble the Basketball
Coaching Youth Basketball - Pivoting - How to teach a youth basketball player.
Pivoting - all basketball players use this skill, but how many coaches really TEACH the players HOW to pivot? Detailed teaching methods for this fundamental skill.
Basketball Offense - Learn to Teach Offensive Moves from Triple Threat Position
Coaching Youth Basketball presents Basketball Offense - teaching instruction for Offensive Moves from Triple Threat Position - Jab Step, Shot Fake, Explode Step, and Rocker Step.
Youth Basketball Coaching - The Deep Step - How to Beat Defensive Pressure
Youth Basketball Coaching presents the The Deep Step Offensive Move - How to beat aggressive defensive pressure with your feet!
Basketball Fundamentals - the Eight Fundamental Skills used to play Basketball
Learn the Eight BASIC Basketball Fundamentals required to play great Basketball!
Youth Basketball Tips for Coaching, Playing, and Watching the game.
Basketball Tips - key fundamental basketball skill development information to youth basketball players, parents, and coaches.
Basketball Videos - Youth Basketball Instructional DVDs
Basketball Videos and DVDs - Coaching Youth Basketball - How to coach and teach a youth basketball player the fundamentals of basketball.
Screen and Roll - How to teach the fundamentals of the Screen (Pick) and Roll
Detailed teaching instruction of How to Teach the Screen and Roll
Basketball Give and Go - How to teach the Basketball Give and Go Play
Learn to teach and coach the Basketball Give and Go and make it a primary Team Offensive Play for youth basketball.
Basketball Positions - Are they important at the Youth Level?
Coaching Youth Basketball discusses Basketball Positions and how to teach each player to play at ALL positions on the court.
Basketball Plays - Youth Basketball - Philosophy of Offense and Plays
Basketball Plays - Coaching Youth Basketball philosophy of teaching kids HOW TO PLAY, before teaching them to RUN PLAYS.
How to Play Basketball - Teaching the Screen & Roll, Backdoor Cut, Give & Go
How to Play Basketball - presents the Team Fundamentals of Screen & Roll, Backdoor Cut, and Give & Go - Why we teach these 2 and 3 player fundamentals first, before we teach Team Offense/Set Plays
Basketball Defense - Coaching Youth Basketball Defense
Coaching Youth Basketball - presents the fundamentals of Basketball DEFENSE - how to teach and coach youth Basketball Defense
Basketball Basics - A Checklist for Youth Basketball Coaches
Learn the Basketball Basics of Coaching a Youth Basketball Team
Basketball Camps - What is the Role of a Basketball Camp?
Coaching Youth Basketball - the role of Basketball Camps for Players, Parents, and Coaches
Coaching Youth Basketball Blog
The Coaching Youth Basketball Blog will keep you up to date on the latest coaching and teaching methods for youth basketball. Subscribe here.
Basketball Coaching Sites - links to positive Basketball Coaching Information
There are many great basketball coaching sites to learn from. Here, we list sites we use and have learned a lot from.
How to Shoot a Basketball - Learn the "Swish Method" of Shooting
Introducing a breakthrough approach for How to Shoot a Basketball - The Swish Method for ALL ages.
Air Jordan Shoes - The SHOE and PLAYER that started it all!
Air Jordan Shoes are the MAGIC SHOES that make you better every time you put them on!
Basketball Videos and DVDs for Youth Players, Parents, and Coaches
A collection of Youth Basketball Videos and DVDs developed by leading Coaches for players, parents, and coaches to learn how to play, teach, and coach the game of basketball.
Flames Basketball Gear
Great Flames Basketball Clothing and H3 Gear
Contact Us - Coaching Youth Basketball - We VALUE your ideas and direction!
Coaching Youth Basketball - Contact Us Form - Thanks for your input, ideas, and direction on
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Get the Youth Basketball Newsletter for coaching advice and tips, youth basketball coaching resources reviews, and information on teaching kids the game of basketball!
Youth Basketball Forum - Share your experience and knowledge to help others!
iCoach - A great place to share and learn best practices for teaching and coaching - The Youth Basketball Forum.
GABL Basketball - Coaching Youth Basketball Reference Page for the GABL
GABL Basketball - Great American Basketball League reference page for Coaching Youth Basketball.
Basketball Trends - How new trends effect the youth game.
Parent Coaches - Is this what you were taught? Basketball Trends - force the ball to the baseline and corner, cross your feet and run while playing defense, Dribble Drive the ball to the basket
Flames Basketball Podcast - Flamescast
Basketball Podcast - Listen to a 5 Day Basketball Camp Podcast detailing the fundamentals of basketball!
The High School Basketball Effect
The High School Basketball Effect - a discussion of High School Basketball coaching styles. Are we teaching, coaching, or controlling?
2019 NCAA Final Four
Discussion of 2019 NCAA Final Four

Flames Basketball
Instructional DVD Series

The Flames Basketball Fundamentals DVD Series is developed to provide the youth player, parent, and coach detailed teaching and coaching information for youth basketball.

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