9th Grade - Freshman Baseball Team

by Bruce

I had played baseball since Kindergarten. I was never very talented and could not hit the ball very well, although I played OK at First Base.

My first at bat during the first freshman game - I batted last in the order - the first pitch I connected and cranked a ball in the gap to right center. It had not rained in weeks and the ground was hard as a rock and that ball rolled forever - no outfield fence.

I ran like crazy around those bases and finally reached home - you guessed it a HOME RUN -my first EVER.

As I got to the dugout and was mobbed by my surprised teamates, our coach said "see you guys, I told you that ground was hard, he's the slowest guy on our team, and he was able to turn that into a home run".

Well, I guess you could say I wiil always remember my first and only home run. And I learned what NOT to say as a coach, when one of our players does something special!

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Nov 10, 2009
Great Story and Example
by: Anonymous

What a great story and reminder that, as coaches and players, we can learn from good and and bad situations. I'll bet your parents and family were proud of your home run!

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