Air Jordan
The Shoe and Player that Started it All!

Air Jordan Shoes are the MAGIC SHOES that make you better every time you put them on!

It happened in 1985. Chicago. We heard the Bulls were drafting a young, athletic player from North Carolina. He was a young kid, but had great potential, and he could really fly. The Bulls were struggling a little and the city was a mildly pumped up about this new Tarheel coming in to play for the Bulls.

Nike even announce that they were going to design a special shoe for this new kid. Unheard of at the time, I went right down to the mall and got my name on a reserve list to get one of the first pairs on release day. I know that sounds so common now, but back then, this was new school all the way.

I arrived at that store before they opened on that Saturday morning in 1985 and got in line with about 8 other people that were also on the reserve list, my name was number 7.

The store opened at 10:00AM and we each respectfully waited our turn to get our...


Air Jordan Shoes

Even though it was over 33 years ago and some 33 shoe models later, I remember that morning like it was yesterday.

$64.95 and the coolest, best fitting, most awesome shoes I had EVER put on my feet. Sliding my foot for the first time in the Air Jordan 1 OG, I knew we were headed for something special. Yes, the picture above is NOT a stock photo from the internet, it is a picture of the real OGs from 1985.

At Flames Basketball, we are AIR JORDAN fans to the max!

Michael has done so much and influenced so many trends in the world that we will not even try to list them all, but think about...

The Shoes
The Long Shorts
The Low Socks
The Shaved Head
The Wristband on Left Forearm
The NUMBER - 23

Over 33 years ago, and all still a current fashion trend.

We like to tell the kids - 'There is no such thing as MAGIC SHOES"

Great Basketball Players are made from HARD WORK and SOLID FUNDAMENTALS.

But, just in case there might be such a thing as MAGIC SHOES, you better wear AIR JORDANS to give yourself the best chance.

We do have a lot of fun with Air Jordan Shoes and constantly use Michael Jordan as a positive example for the kids.

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