Basketball Basics

A Checklist for Youth Basketball Coaches

Learn the Basketball Basics of Coaching a Youth Basketball Team.

As a Youth Basketball Coach prepares to coach a youth team, it can become a little overwhelming with so much to teach and so little practice time. Hopefully, our site contains helpful information identifying what fundamental basketball skills to teach, and how to teach them.

It is good for all youth coaches to have an overall plan, or Checklist, for the Basketball Basics. This includes individual basketball fundamentals that are important on the court like shooting, passing, and dribbling. And also team fundamentals like Screen and Roll, Backdoor Cuts, and Give & Go. But, there are also several other situations to plan for that can make a huge difference in how each player and the team perform. Examples would be how to win the Tip Off and score first. Do you realize that the team that scores first in basketball games wins more than 50% of the time? Free Throw alignments and responsibilites, pre-game warm up, time-out procedure, team huddles, referee protocal, bench posture and many other things can make a difference with the kids having a postive experience playing basketball.

The Youth Basketball Coaching Checklist

This page is developed as a Navigator with links to topics of the Coaching Checklist. It provides one page with a summary of each Checklist item for the Coach use as a guide, as well as links for detailed information.

On the Court During Game Play

-- Tip Off Play - Link

-- Offense - Individual Fundamentals - Link

-- Offense - Team Fundamentals - Link

-- Defense - Individual Skills

-- Defense - Team Defense

-- Transition - Basketball Fast Break - Link

-- In Bounds Plays - Baseline, Sideline - Link

-- Free Throw - Alignment and Responsibilities

Before, During, After Game Play

-- Pre-Game Warm Up

-- Post-Game Procedure

-- Bench Posture

-- Quarters / Halftime

-- Huddles on Bench, on Floor

-- Time Out Procedure

-- Substitutions - How to check in the game

-- Referee / Officials - Respect and Protocol

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