Basketball Coaching Sites

There are many great basketball coaching sites to learn from. Here, we list sites we use and have learned a lot from.

One of our main goals with How to Coach Youth Basketball is to provide players, parents, and coaches detailed information on how to play and teach the game of basketball. We are thankful to have been able to learn from many outstanding coaches over many years.

The Internet has many outstanding Basketball Coaching Sites that are helpful in preparing to play and coach basketball.

We plan to maintain a list of positive coaching resources for your reference on this page. We hope it is helpful.


Website Links

shootANDstar Rebounder - REVOLUTIONARY basketball shooting practice device! - 180 degree rebounder- shoot from anywhere on the court and both made and missed shots are quickly returned to shooter!

Swish International, Inc. - how to shoot a basketball with the Swish Method. Great site and instruction for teaching kids to shoot the basketball correctly and consistently. Basketball HQ is an excellent coaching resource. This site contains many instructional videos with detailed demonstration of basketball skills. This is a very high quality site that is well organized and stores hours of information that is helpful to players and coaches. - The Coaching Toolbox is a GREAT site for basketball coaches and exactly as it's name states - a toolbox of resources from drills, workouts, full motion plays, offense, defense, and philosophy. Coach Williams has several coaching tools including an on-line Coaches Academy and HoopClinics. He has also written an ebook on Improving Practice that is excellent!

Championship Productions, Inc. - a complete library of instructional material to teach the game of basketball. - this is a fantastic site promoting the great game of basketball to the whole World. The information on this site is very well organized, clear, and professionally done. The site promotes the idea of bringing us all together around the game of basketball. You will enjoy this site and benefit from the information on it.


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