Basketball Defense Video
Advance, Retreat, and Swing Steps

This Basketball Defense Video provides an example of the Advance, Retreat, and Swing Steps used to defend the basketball.

How to Guard the Ball
Key Teaching Points

- Establish a Good Heel-Toe Stance
- Palms Up Working Ball from the Floor Up
- Front Foot in the Heel-Toe Stance is the Influence Foot
- Keep your Broom In and use a Step/Slide Movement
- Advance Step - Step Forward Front Foot/Slide Forward Back Foot
- Retreat Step - Step Backward Back Foot/Slide Backward Front Foot
- Swing Step-Short Pivot on Back Foot to Change Influence Foot

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We thought it would be great to use the technology of a DVD to develop a product that could be used to teach Basketball Fundamentals, with Menus and Chapters for direct access to each fundamental skill.

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