The Basketball Give and Go Play
Coaching Youth Basketball

The Basketball Give and Go Play should be a primary team fundamental for all youth basketball teams. We think it is important that all kids learn three primary team fundamental plays:

- Screen and Roll
- Backdoor Cut
- Give and Go

All of these team fundamentals require 2 or 3 players and involve spacing, timing, communication, and TEAMWORK. All Basketball Offenses are based on these things and developing the ability recognize opportunities for these team fundamentals and being able to execute them well with your team is terrific preparation for learning specific offenses in the future.

The Basketball Give and Go Play

In the game of soccer, the Give and Go is called a Wall Pass. This is because it is much like throwing the ball to a wall, going to the basket, catching the ball back after it bounces off the wall, and going to the basket to score.

This short video will describe the CONCEPT of the Wall Pass / Give & Go

It is good to teach the kids that when they pass the ball, they should NOT stand, they should ALWAYS cut to the basket or go screen away from the ball and get a teammate open. NEVER PASS AND STAND - Always create movement after a pass.

The Give and Go encourages the kids to READ the defense and make the proper cut to the basket.

We teach two basic cuts:

- Ball Side Cut
- Back Side Cut

Many times the defender guarding the ball on the pass will RELAX and STRAIGHTEN their legs for just an instant. This is a perfect time to cut to the basket. The defender works really hard to guard the ball, and after a pass is made, it is common and natural for that defender to relax, thinking my defensive job is done. NOW, we cut to the basket and get the ball back and SCORE!

Please check this video clip out for more details on how we teach it..

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