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In the Kansas City area, we offer the Flames Basketball School and individual skill instruction.

Flames Basketball School is an instructional series taught on an individual basis in a private lesson format. The school is customized to the age/skill/interest of each individual participant.

Each session is one fun and intense hour of instruction with complete focus on each individual player's development and improvement.

The Flames Basketball School will teach with an emphasis on...

- Triple Threat Position
- Pivoting - Forward/Reverse - 180/360
- Jab Step
- Shot Fake
- Explode Step
- Cross Step
- Rocker Step

- Dexterity
- Control Dribble - Advance/Retreat
- Crossover, Reverse, and Spin Dribble

- Shoot the Hypotenuse
- 3 Holes - Nail, Ball, Basket
- Grip and Guide
- 2 Magic Fingers
- The White Egg

The proper use of your feet and shooting the ball are two of the most important skills to develop and improve with youth basketball players.

On completion of the Flames Basketball School, every player will understand the importance of footwork and have the knowledge to improve their shooting ability.

The price for each one hour session is $25 for individual training. Group training of 2-4 players available at reduced rate.

If you live in the Kansas City area and would like to participate in the Flames Basketball School, please fill out the request form below and we will contact you right away.

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The instructor for Flames Basketball School is a

USA Basketball Youth Development Certified Coach.

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Flames Basketball
Instructional DVD Series

The Flames Basketball Fundamentals DVD Series is developed to provide the youth player, parent, and coach detailed teaching and coaching information for youth basketball.

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Flames Basketball Fundamentals DVD

Screen & Roll
Backdoor Cut
Give and Go

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