Basketball Jump Ball

The Basketball Jump Ball sometimes only occurs one time in a game, BUT the team that wins the tip off and scores first wins more than 50% of the time.

It is good to have a structured tip off play for the kids to start the game. The goal should be to score, NOT to gain possesion of the ball. A jump ball at center court usually means there are NO defenders at the basket you plan to score at in a few seconds. Take advantage of this and get a lay-up in the first few seconds of the game!

How to win the Tip Off to start the game and SCORE FIRST with an open lay-up

We use a line up called

10 -2 - 6 - Back

Tell the kids to imagine an looking at a WATCH.

Line up with players at

- 10 o'clock

- 2 o'clock

- 6 o'clock

and Back

We call either 10 or 2.

In this graphic we have called 10, so we tip to 10 o'clock (Player 2).

As soon as the ball is out of the referee's hand, the player at 2 o'clock (Player 1), sprints to the basket.

The player at 10 o'clock (Player 2) catches, squares, and passes the ball to the basket (Player 1) for the open lay-up.

SIMPLE - yes - but it does work most of the time, and can really give the kids a boost to start the ball game.

We can also call 2 and tip to the 2 o'clock spot, if the defense is favoring the 10 o'clock spot on the tip off.

Right handers jumping on the tip off will tip to the 10 o'clock spot easier.

Left handers will prefer to tip to the 2 o'clock spot.

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