Basketball Moves
The Explode Crossover Step

The Explode Crossover Step is one of the basketball moves that is a counter to the Explode Step. The Explode Crossover Step is actually a Jab Step, followed by a Crossover Step.

The Offensive Player starts in triple threat position, let's say with the left foot as pivot foot. Although we teach the kids to use both feet as pivot feet, we start with the left foot as pivot on the Explode Crossover as it is more advanced and most kids will be more comfortable with the left foot as pivot. After gaining confidence and timing with the left pivot, we then teach the move with right pivot foot.

To perform the Explode Crossover Step,

-- First take a Jab Step with the right foot (just the length of your shoe) - leaving your foot at the point of the Jab - do not pull back into a square triple threat position.

-- Then make a Crossover Step to the left side - long stride beating the defenders's right foot.

-- On the Crossover Step, the ball is introduced to the defense, so we "Scrape our Laces (as in shoe laces)" to take the ball lower that the natural reach of the defender's hands.

Basketball Practice Basketball Moves

The goal of the Jab Step is to get the defender to swing step or open towards the direction of the Jab. Once the defender bites (swings in defensive stance from left foot forward to right foot forward in this example) on the jab, we crossover - scraping the laces with the ball and using the ball for momentum - and crossover with a long stride beating the defender with our right foot and right shoulder.

Explode Crossover Step - Basketball Offense Video Demonstration

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