Basketball Offense
Youth Basketball Instruction

Offensive Moves from
Triple Threat Position

In Basketball Offense, there are many combinations of Moves that form the make up of the basketball players you see on TV or at a local High School basketball game. The fundamentally sound players have a base of fundamental offensive basketball moves that they build these combination on, with the result being a very good and successful basketball player.

We have all seen many advanced players seem to make playing the game easy and effortless, and in many cases, based on the skill and instincts developed by that player at an early age, the game really is easy and effortless.

In training Youth Basketball Players we teach the following basic fundamental moves from the Triple Threat Position that provide the kids a foundation to build on as they grow.

Basketball Tips

Five Offensive Moves We Teach

JAB STEP - see below

SHOT FAKE - Click for Details

EXPLODE STEP - Click for Details


ROCKER STEP - Click for Rocker Step Instruction

Jab Step

Basketball Jab Step

With the Jab Step, we start in Triple Threat Position, staring at the rim being a threat to SHOOT and seeing the floor. We have 2 GOALS with the Jab Step

1 - Make the Defender Rock to their heels - transfer defender's weight from balls of feet to heels

2 - Make the Defender Swing in defensive stance - Swing Step

If we can get the defender to Rock or Swing, we can beat them.

We want to attack the defenders FRONT FOOT.

Jab Step NEEDS to be EFFICIENT. In other words, we want to take a step just the length of our shoe - NO LONGER - right at the defenders FRONT FOOT.

Many Players will take TOO LONG a step with the jab. This causes the player to loose Balance and takes too long to return to Triple Threat Postition. The defense has a chance to recover with a long Jab Step. The kids tend to remember the LENGTH OF THEIR SHOE - if the wear a size 7.5 shoe, then jab step just a 7.5!

Basketball Offense - Free Video Clip of How to Teach the JAB STEP

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