Basketball Screen and Roll
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Basketball Screen and Roll
Teaching Method

We teach the Screen (Pick) and Roll by breaking the screen down to TWO PRIMARY actions:

1 - JUMPSTOP - containing the Defender within our feet

2 - REVERSE 180 PIVOT - using the foot closest to the basket as pivot foot

There will be a natural tendency for the kids to turn forward and go to the basket after setting the screen on the roll. It is important that the kids understand that they gain a big advantage to the basket and to the ball when they REVERSE 180 pivot on the roll to the basket. Again, emphasis on PIVOTING, in this case the Reverse 180 pivot, is so important.

The BALL HANDLER can start from Triple Threat Position or from Control Dribble. We tell the ball handler to WAIT for the Jumpstop by the screener, and then to come off the screen shoulder (ball handler) to hip (screener), allowing NO space between for the defense to slip through.

Always come off the screen to score and be a threat to finish. If the defense switches or beats the screen, we follow the ARROW out the back of the screener and create at least a two dribble separation, and keep your dribble until you have a shot or pass..

Now, the Screener performs a REVERSE 180 and rolls to the basket giving a target to receive the ball and finish.

In the video above, the kids do a great job of demonstrating this technique.

Pick and Roll

How to Teach the Basketball Screen and Roll DVD

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