Basketball Shooting Tips
The Shot Fake

The Shot Fake is the lead topic for our Basketball Shooting Tips.

When the kids catch the basketball, we teach them to square to the basket and establish Triple Threat Position. When we have the basketball in an Offensive Position, we want to be a THREAT to the defense. We want to put pressure on the defense and make the player guarding us have the thought - "oh no, now my man has the ball, I'm not sure I can stop her!".

An important part of being successful with the basketball and the reason we include this page in Basketball Shooting Tips is the kids need to always be a threat to SHOOT the basketball when they receive it. There is no bigger threat than a shot, and we are going to shoot it and make it if you don't guard us.

Basketball Shooting

We teach two primary Fakes from the Offensive Triple Threat Position:



Both of these fundamental skills are easy for the kids to understand and learn. Youth players can have success with these skills at an early age. Another advantage to teaching and emphasizing these fakes early in the kid's development is they require the kids to square up and be a threat to the basket in order to execute.

The Shot Fake

We have TWO GOALS for the Shot Fake:

1. Straighten the Defender's legs - sometimes even get them to jump

2. Get our Head lower than the Defenders

Starting in Triple Threat Position, we move the Ball up and down, JUST the distance of the Ball - we want to be efficient and look like we are going to shoot - keep the rear down - legs bent and loaded - end goal is to get that defender to stand up or jump (come out of defensive stance and lose balance)

Being efficient means the shot fake motion is short and compact - just the very beginning of the shot - but we have to LOOK at the Basket. The defender will look at your eyes and know you are not going to shoot if you are not looking at the basket. Many players shot fake too long and move the ball way up and down, coming out of stance. This takes too much time and gives the defender time to recover and no advantage is gained.

Remember straighten the defenders legs and get your head lower than the defenders on the shot fake and you WILL beat them!

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