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Welcome to Basketball Tips that will make playing the game easier and more fun for the kids. In youth basketball, the stronger, taller, more physically developed players tend to get the ball more and sometimes dominate most of the play. This is just a natural thing and over time, the physical advantages are sometimes neutralized by skill development of all players.

In the early years of playing basketball, kids should all have the opportunity to handle the ball, shoot the ball, and develop skills in game situations with the basketball. Although we emphasize the importance of learning how to play without the ball, after all, there is one ball, ten players playing, 32 minutes in a game, each kid will play half the game (16 minutes), each team will have the ball only half the time (8 minutes), so - 8 minute divided 5 players = EACH PLAYER ON AVERAGE WILL HAVE THE BALL 1 minute, 36 seconds in a full game.

There is a SIMPLE FACT - It is more fun to play with the BALL! Especially at the early ages.

Basketball Tip #1 - How do you get open to get the basketball?

We like to convince the kids that it is NOT how fast or quick you are that determines if you will get open. Many times kids try to rely on out-running their defender to get the ball - and they won't get the ball if they are not faster than their defender.

Remember - knowing HOW to play is the key.


1 - Threaten the Basket - 2-3 steps

2 - Turn and come to the ball

3 - Give a Target on your outside ear - Catch - Square to Triple Threat

We teach the kids to L-CUT to get open. Many coaches will call this a V-Cut, and that's fine, but we call it an L-Cut for this reason.

An L is much farther away from an I than a V.

Most basketball players, even at the higher levels of play, tend to run an I-Cut to get open. In other word, they threaten the basket, and ten pop right back out to where they started. In this scenario, the defender is not required to CHANGE THE LINE OF THEIR FEET. Changing the line of the defender's feet is the most IMPORTANT thing to do when trying to get open.

Free Video Clip of Basketball Tips L-Cut Instruction

The picture above show the difference between and I-Cut and L-Cut

We use the term L-Cut instead of V-Cut because we want to clearly emphasize the line the player takes to the basket MUST be different from the line to the basketball. An L is much farther away from an I than a V.

The L-Cut is one of the most "DIFFERENCE MAKING" skills that will improve a young players ability to get open to the ball. For more Basketball Tips on the L-Cut please view information on our Instructional DVDs.

Free Video Clip on Teaching the L-Cut

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