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A collection of Youth Basketball Videos and DVDs developed by leading Coaches for players, parents, and coaches to learn how to play, teach, and coach the game of basketball.

Instructional Videos and DVDs are a great investment and provide a lasting resource to learn the game of basketball on your own time at your own pace. The kids learn the game by listening, but mostly by WATCHING and then DOING. Reading about it is good, seeing it performed is better, doing it is best. A good instructional DVD will provide a visual example of the how to perform fundamental basketball skills as well as explain why the skill is important.

The DVD is an outstanding instructional learning tool for basic basketball skills and plays. With a DVD, it is possible to develop Menus for each Subject - Provide links to each Skill for that Subject - and give direct access and instant navigation to that Skill. No fast forward, rewind, and waiting for the tape to get there as with basketball videos on VHS tape, but instant access to the section of video you want from a DVD Menu. This DVD can play in your DVD Player AND in any computer with a DVD drive.

We have researched many Instructional Videos and DVDs and can highly recommend the following for Youth Basketball players, parents, and coaches.

Instructional Videos and DVDs

OUR PRODUCT - Youth Basketball Fundamentals DVD Series

Coach Tom Crean - Post and Perimeter Fundamental Drills

Coach Morgan Wootten - Foundations for Successful Basketball

Coach Tom Nordland - Swish Shooting Instruction

Coach John Calipari

Coach Bobby Knight

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