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Why are Basketball Videos important?

The process of learning to Coach Youth Basketball is the same as any other skill we develop and become successful with. Repetition is the key to learning. Reading about it is good, seeing it performed is better, doing it is best. In fact, if you want to get a good perspective of what your players are experiencing, try to physically execute the drills and skills you are teaching and coaching.

Most of us are visual learners. We tend to learn faster and more completely when we SEE it. Basketball Videos are an outstanding way to learn, and allow us to learn at our own pace. Many basketball coaches attend Coaches Clinics each year in preperation for the season. These clinics are excellent ways to learn how to coach. But, after the clinic is over, the attending coach is just left with whatever notes that were taken during the clinic.

Enter the DVD...

The DVD is an outstanding instructional learning tool. With a DVD, it is possible to develop Menus for each Subject - Provide links to each Skill for that Subject - and give direct access and instant navigation to that Skill. No fast forward, rewind, and waiting for the tape to get there as with basketball videos on VHS tape, but instant access to the section of video you want from a DVD Menu. This DVD can play in your DVD Player AND in any computer with a DVD drive.

The DVD Product We Developed
Coaching Youth Basketball - Instructional DVDs

Basketball Coaching Videos DVDs

Our goal in developing this DVD - Flames Basketball Fundamentals DVD, is to provide youth basketball coaches, players, and parents with one DVD that includes ALL BASIC INDIVIDUAL BASKETBALL FUNDAMENTALS, both Offensive and Defensive Skills. The DVD includes 2 Hours, 18 Minutes of:


This DVD includes over 2 hours of basketball fundamentals.

Designed to give the player, parent, and coach detailed instruction on how to play, practice, and coach the fundamental skills of the game of basketball.

Developed with 4 Menus and 27 Chapters for direct navigation to each individual basketball skill!

Menus include:




Chapters include:

Basketball Dexterity
Control Dribble
Advance / Retreat Dribble
Change Direction / Speed
Crossover Dribble
Reverse Dribble
Spin Dribble

Triple Threat Position
Jab Step
Shot Fake
L- Cut
Explode Step
Explode and Crossover
Rocker Step
Deep Step Series
Ball Change Step
Step Back Series

Heal Toe Stance
Broom Step
Advance, Retreat, and Swing Steps
1 Pass Pressure

An excellent resource for the player, parent, and coach.

We hope you find this DVD helpful in making the game of basketball even more fun to play, watch, and coach.

This DVD will teach the fundamental skills of the game of Basketball!

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