Flames Basketball Introduces our FIRST iPhone
Basketball Ball Handling App

Only $ 2.99

Basketball Ball Handling - Coaching and Instruction - Flames Basketball
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The terrific technology of the iPhone now allows basketball players, parents, and coaches to take their basketball practice plan to the court!

This Ball Handling App includes 16 instructional videos demonstrating basketball dexterity drills that are designed to improve your ability to handle the basketball and become comfortable with it.

These drills are simple and taught in a progressive manner so that all players from youth to adult can have success and become better with the basketball.

This is a perfect App for the Youth Basketball Coach to use as a reference for developing a Ball Handling warm-up session for practices. It is also a great way for parents to work with their kids at home to help them develop basketball ball handling skills.

It's like having an instructional DVD in your pocket!

Basketball Ball Handling

CLICK HERE - to view our Ball Handling App in iTunes