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Basketball Instruction - Private Lessons and Coaching

Basketball Instruction - private basketball coaching in the Kansas City Area with Flames Basketball School

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3 man weave

This drill helps with pass accuracy while moving. It also looks pretty cool when executed! #sosclubme

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Basketball Trends - How new trends effect the youth game.

Parent Coaches - Is this what you were taught? Basketball Trends - force the ball to the baseline and corner, cross your feet and run while playing defense, Dribble Drive the ball to the basket

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Basketball Basics - A Checklist for Youth Basketball Coaches

Learn the Basketball Basics of Coaching a Youth Basketball Team

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Youth Basketball Tips for Coaching, Playing, and Watching the game.

Basketball Tips - key fundamental basketball skill development information to youth basketball players, parents, and coaches.

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Basketball Positions - Are they important at the Youth Level?

Coaching Youth Basketball discusses Basketball Positions and how to teach each player to play at ALL positions on the court.

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Youth Basketball - We have to do better!

Youth Basketball - we have to do better.

Game after game we see the same thing. Full court zone press, both teams, with a double, triple team on every pass. Rush, hurry, panic, coach screaming and the game just started. What is the heck are we trying to do out there on the floor.

If the ball does make it over half court, the defensive team is surely back in some type of zone “defense”. Standings, watching, straight legs no stance, just waiting to pounce on that weak pass from the little scared kid on offense that just doesn't have the strength to play in this environment. Coach and parents screaming “hands up”, “get him” ,“trap”!

Sure, there are maybe two kids that are enjoying this game, That would be the big ones that are overly mature and developed for this age. Almost everyone at the game is intense, screaming, uncomfortable, and I am just talking about the parents and grandparents in the stands.

Without question, the team that gets the trophies at the end of the tournament, is the team with the highest number of big, overly mature, aggressive kids, that can have “success” playing this way. Sure they win, but in the process of playing this way, they learn very little and don’t get better at the skills of the game.

And these youth coaches, they seem to want to control and manipulate EVERY pass and possession. Not with basketball instruction, not with encouragement for team play, but yelling, screaming, to get that ball from the poor little kids that just can’t compete and physically play in what can accurately be described as a jungle with wild animals trying to kill you.

There are exceptions in every gym. Coaches that want to teach and let the kids play stand out like beacons in the gym. No, these are not always the teams that win the trophies, but they are the coaches and teams that make you think the game has a future for skilled players willing to work at becoming fundamentally sound basketball players.

Is it any wonder WHY that 70% of kids playing basketball stop playing when they are 13 years old. The two main reasons - it is not fun, I am not good enough. No surprise here.

Free Basketball Coaching Videos - How to Coach and Teach the Fundamentals

Coaching Youth Basketball - free basketball coaching videos of how to teach Basketball Fundamentals

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Basketball Plays - Youth Basketball - Philosophy of Offense and Plays

Basketball Plays - Coaching Youth Basketball philosophy of teaching kids HOW TO PLAY, before teaching them to RUN PLAYS.

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The High School Basketball Effect

The High School Basketball Effect - a discussion of High School Basketball coaching styles. Are we teaching, coaching, or controlling?

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Basketball Give and Go - How to teach the Basketball Give and Go Play

Learn to teach and coach the Basketball Give and Go and make it a primary Team Offensive Play for youth basketball.

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tom scott

I've been coaching youth basketball (2/3 and 4/5)for many years. In 2/3 it is very difficult to get penetration beyond the perimeter. The defense picks

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