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How to Defend the Passing Lane

Basketball Defense with 1-Pass Pressure

1 - Pass Pressure Teaching Points
Coaching Youth Basketball

- Identify the PASSING LANE - a line from the basketball to the player you are guarding. We use a string or rope to give the kids a clear visual as shown in the Defense Video above. We always want to "see the string" on defense.

- We want to DENY to path of the string.

- Chest on man, butt to ball - Feet perpendicular (cross ways) to the passing lane. This is a BIG one, the kids will naturally want to stand with feet parallel to the passing lane

- Look straight ahead and see both BALL and MAN, but do not look at either one - look straight ahead and see both with peripheral vision.

- Put the string through your palm (turn palm toward the ball)

- Establish a 2-1 Position - Off and Towards the Ball - On the Line, Up the Line.

- Movement is Advance and Retreat Steps staying in good defensive stance with your Broom in.

- It is helpful when coaching DEFENSE to use the term "1-Pass". We constantly talk "1-Pass" to the defensive players 1 pass from the basketball. The kids get this, and will respond by denying the passing lane on the next pass. Teaching 1-Pass Pressure to the kids has potential to change the game as much as any skill in basketball!

They can't score if they don't have the ball!

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