Explode Step
Coaching Youth Basketball

The Explode Step is 1 of 5 primary moves we teach from Triple Threat Position. After being a threat to shoot the basketball first, the Explode Step will create an explosion to the basket for the offensive player.

We want the kids to think "Explosion" to the basket.

We teach the kids to Shot Fake and Jab Step before teaching the Explode Step. The Explode Step is like making the Jab Step the "real thing".

Coaching Basketball

Basketball Offense

The Explode Step - STEP BY STEP

-- Read the Defender's front foot - also the front shoulder

-- Tuck the ball to your hip and create BODY-BODY-BALL

-- Take a long stride past the defender's front foot

-- Push the ball out in front of you and use it for momentum

-- Get your inside shoulder past the defender's shoulder

-- In one step and one dribble - Own the line to the basket

Please notice in the pictures above the Offensive Player READS the Defender's Left Foot and Shoulder are front. The offensive player tucks the basketball and gets body-body-ball, and then makes a long stride getting both his foot and inside shoulder past the defender. With one long explode step and dribble - the offensive player owns the line to the basket.

Explode Step - Free Instructional Video Clip

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