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Youth Basketball

Following are several free basketball coaching videos that will explain HOW we TEACH the FUNDAMENTALS. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a VIDEO is worth a thousand pictures. In fact, video is simply made up of thousands of pictures.

We have developed detailed Youth Basketball Instructional DVDs that are available as a link below.

The DVD format is PERFECT for a player, parent, or coach to reference because it provides navigation directly to each individual skill from a DVD menu.

We hope you find the video clips helpful. All video clips are taken from our Instructional DVDs specifically developed to teach Youth Basketball.

Basketball Coaching DVD

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Coaching Youth Basketball
Free Video Clips from our DVD Series


Crossover Dribble

Reverse Dribble

Spin Dribble


Pivoting - How to Teach and Coach Pivoting

L-Cut, How to Get Open

L-Cut, How to Get Open from a Defender

Defense - Advance, Retreat, Swing Steps

Defense - Advance, Retreat, and Swing Steps

Defense - 1-Pass Pressure - Deny the Ball

Defense - Learn to Deny the Ball with 1-Pass Pressure

Offensive Moves from Triple Threat Position

Jab Step - Free Video Clip of How to Coach the Jab Step

Explode Step - Learn to EXPLODE!!! past that defender and SCORE

Explode Crossover Step - Video Demonstration

Rocker Step - learn to beat that defender!

Offensive Moves - Deep Step Series

Deep Step Drive - learn to turn defensive pressure into a lay-up!

Deep Step Square Up - get to Triple Threat against defensive pressure

Deep Step Rocker - use the "yes, no, yes" move to score!


Shooting the Basketball - How to Teach Shooting

The Screen (Pick) and Roll

Screen and Roll - Video Instruction for Youth Basketball

The Give and Go

The Give and Go Basketball Play - Teaching Methods Video Clip

These instructional video clips are taken from our Youth Basketball Fundamentals DVD Series. We hope you find these videos helpful and review our Instructional DVD Series at the link below.

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Flames Basketball
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The Flames Basketball Fundamentals DVD Series is developed to provide the youth player, parent, and coach detailed teaching and coaching information for youth basketball.

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