How to Shoot a Basketball
Introducing the Swish Method

Introducing a breakthrough approach for How to Shoot a Basketball
- The Swish Method for ALL ages.

We use the "Swish Method" for teaching kids how to shoot a basketball. This method can be easily learned and applied at all ages. As the video above demonstrates, from Grade School to High School to Adult, the Swish Shooting Method will improve your shooting technique and increase your accuracy in shooting the basketball.

The Swish Method is SIMPLE, with the shot being broken down into easily-learned pieces and then put back together. A simple, efficient shot that minimizes variables, and reduces movement is key to repeatable success in getting the ball in the basket.

ANYONE can learn the Swish Method.

There are many good shooting programs available. We like the Swish Method for its simplicity, and easy to understand concepts for the kids.

Let the KIDS learn to COACH and CORRECT their own SHOOTING.

Kids tend to get over-coached when it comes to shooting. As coaches, we probably don't let our kids shoot the ball enough in practice, and spend too much time correcting form and teaching concepts. If the coach talks about shooting for 5 minutes, the kids should probably get to shoot at least 10 minutes and work on the things being communicated. Not that teaching proper shooting form is not important, but the SWISH method very much simplifies the shooting technique and teaches the kids to coach and correct themselves. With limited practice time, it is a challenge to find time to allow the kids to shoot, BUT it is important and one of the most fun things for the kids to do.

Think about ALL the corrective terms we use to try and HELP them improve their shooting ability.

Follow-through, hand in the cookie jar, get your elbow in, keep good alignment, keep the ball off your palm, focus eyes on the target, bend your knees, see the rim through the shooting window, pronate your wrist, get backspin on the ball, keep your guide hand off the ball on the release, aim for the front/back/middle of the rim, use your legs, have a good grip on the ball, stay square to the basket, keep your wrist floppy on the release.....and many, many, more...

Nobody can remember and follow ALL these HELPFUL hints on shooting a basketball.

The SWISH DVDs will teach "the method" and show how to develop a system to practice shooting in your practice sessions.

The Swish Method focuses on SIMPLE, DIRECT, and EFFICIENT shooting skills the kids will remember and use right away.

Shoot and Star Rebounder

You may have also noticed in the video above one of the most helpful basketball training tools we have ever used.

The Shoot and Star Rebounder

This incredible product allows you to have the ball returned - make or missed shot - directly to you. It is possible to shoot over 200 shots in 15 minutes with the Shoot and Star.

Please follow this link for more information on the Shoot and Star Rebounder.

REVOLUTIONARY basketball shooting practice device! - 180 degree rebounder- shoot from anywhere on the court and both made and missed shots are quickly returned to shooter!

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