Jab Step Video
How To Coach Youth Basketball

Jab Step - Key Teaching Points

Two Goals for the Jab Step

1 - Rock Defender to their Heals
2 - Make the Defender Swing

As shown in the Jab Step Video above:

- Start in Triple Threat Position
- Attack the Defender's Front Foot
- Be Efficient - Jab no longer than your shoe
- Stay Balanced with your Legs Loaded
- Be a THREAT, and make that Defender react to your Jab Step

A common area to point out is the length of the Jab Step. Many kids will take a Jab Step that is too long, causing a loss of balance and requiring too much time to reset to Triple Threat Position. We tell the kids to Jab just the length of their shoe - so if they wear a size 7.5, their Jab Step should be a 7.5.

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