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Pivoting Video - Teaching Summary

First, have all the kids sit down on the floor and tell the kids to use their imagination.

Make a fist with your right hand, and dip it down into a bucket of red paint. Now take your fist out of the paint bucket and put it on the bottom of your left foot, right on the ball of your foot. Rub your fist on the ball of your left foot and make a red paint spot about the size of your fist.

Stand up, and establish Triple Threat Position. We usually teach pivoting with each kid in in Triple Threat with a basketball, however, it can be taught without an basketball.

Now, pick up your left heal about an inch, and you should feel a pressure spot on the bottom of your foot about the size of the red spot you painted on it.

Make a NAIL with your left index finger, and push the imaginary nail through the top of your left foot to nail that foot to the floor. Tell the kids that their foot is now NAILED to the floor.

Now we are ready to PIVOT.

We use 4 CALLS - as seen in the Pivoting Video above

Forward 180 - pivot forward half a circle

Forward 360 - pivot forward 360 by using (2) Forward 180's - not one big turn

Reverse 180 - pivot reverse half a circle

Reverse 360 - pivot reverse 360 by using (2) Forward 180's

Line the kids up and spread the kids out on the floor. it is good to always use the basket as a reference if possible - either square to the basket or back to the basket as an orientation.

Now, with the kids in Triple Threat Position, make the (4) Calls

- Forward 180
- Reverse 180
- Forward 360
- Reverse 360

As shown in the Pivoting Video, the kids will pick this up very quickly and it will help them gain confidence. Getting the basic footwork established for pivoting will help the kids be successful with many basketball skills.

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