Rocker Step Video
How to Coach Youth Basketball

Rocker Step - Teaching Summary

- Start in Triple Threat Position

- The Rocker Step is a combination of a Jab Step and an Explode Step.

- Take a Jab Step at the defender's front foot
If the defender swings, perform a Explode Crossover move
If the defender retreats - NOW we use the Rocker Step

- Leave your Jab Step foot right where you jab and ROCK back (not UP, but BACK - keep your legs bent at 45 degrees and loaded)

- As the defender lunges or stands up to get back to you on your ROCK back, pick up your jab step foot and Explode Step by the defender's foot and shoulder.

- Each kid will develop their own rhythm and timing to this move - let them develop their own feel for the Rocker Step.

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