Rocker Step
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The Rocker Step is performed out of Triple Threat Postition - square to the basket, looking at the rim ready to shoot. We are going to combine the JAB STEP and the EXPLODE STEP to make the ROCKER STEP.

We teach the Rocker Step AFTER we teach the Jab Step and Explode Step. We want to attack the defender's front foot if a front foot is established. Some defenders will play completely square with no foot forward - in this case we can attack either foot.

Most kids are right handed and will be more confortable with their left foot as pivot foot. We usually try to teach with left foot pivot first - then move to the right foot as pivot.

The Rocker Step Instruction

ROCKER STEP - free video clip on coaching instruction

Basketball Rocker Step

From Triple Threat Position take a Jab Step (remember just the length of your shoe - be efficient and keep your balance) at the defender's front foot. The defender has seen this Jab Step before and you have used a Jab Step and pulled back to hit a shot when the defender rocked to their heals. The defender has also seen you work the Explode Crossover Move when he made a swing step on the Jab.

So now, we Jab Step, and the defender performs the correct defensive footwork - the defender takes a RETREAT STEP, staying in a good defensive position. That's OK, we are no going to beat the defender with the Rocker Step.

After the Jab Step, leave your foot right where you jab, and rock your head and upper body back (NOT up, but back, stay in stance with your knees bent at 45 degrees and keep your legs loaded) - GET THE DEFENDER TO STRAIGHTEN THEIR LEGS A LITTLE - and maybe lunge towards you as you rock your head and upper bady back. THEN, pick up the foot that you jabbed with and EXPLODE STEP right past the defender.

This is a rhythm type of move for the kids. They need to get the feel for the Rocker Step in their own body with their own physical gate. Once they get it, the Rocker Step is a dangerous weapon.

In Triple Threat Position, we want the kids to feel like they are a THREAT to the basket and no defense has a chance to stop them. We recommend that you teach each kid these Offensive Moves and get them to the point of being able to execute these skills naturally. It is good to remind the kids of ALL of their weapons:

SHOOT - we like this one the best!

Now, the DEFENSE does not have a chance!

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