Roy Williams

Learn the Game from a Hall of Fame Coach

Learn how Coach Roy Williams has simplified the game with great success and apply the same principles to Youth Basketball.

We are thankful to have been able to learn a tremendous amount about the game of basketball from Coach Williams. He has an amazing ability to make the game of basketball simple and fun. All players and coaches WANT to run the ball and score a lot of points. BUT, it is difficult to RUN and still shoot a high percentage, and at the other end of the floor, guard somebody on defense.

Coach Williams has consistently had teams that lead the country in scoring, while shooting 45-50% from and field, and holding their opponents to a low shooting percentage. In other words, they RUN, take GOOD shots, and DEFEND with intense pressure defense.

Why are we talking about the highest level of College Basketball on our YOUTH Basketball Coaching site? Well, because we have found that the style of play that Coach Williams teaches, can be used at YOUTH basketball levels with great success. It is sound, fundamental, and believe it not, SIMPLE. Coach Williams often says, "We don't do anything complicated or fancy, we just try to do what we do very well."

The North Carolina Secondary Break along with the Scramble Defense are keys to this type of play.

Secondary Break DVD

Roy Williams Basketball

Roy Williams: Secrets of the North Carolina Secondary Break - Basketball

Scramble Defense DVD

Roy Williams Basketball

North Carolina: Scramble Defensive System - Basketball

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