The Screen and Roll
Coaching Youth Basketball Players

Screen and Roll

The Screen and Roll, also called the Pick and Roll, is one of the most beautiful plays in the game. Executed properly, this two and sometimes three player fundamental play, is unstoppable. We feel that teaching a young player to properly Screen and Roll is essential to developing the players ability to read the defense, use spacing and timing, communicate with teammates, and generally understand the concept of Team Play.

Over the past 15 years, the Ball Screen has lost popularity, and more recently in the past 3-4 years, gained importance and focus in the game again. The popular Motion Offense that dominated the game through the 80's and 90's encouraged screening away from the ball, but somewhat discouraged screening the ball. As we learned in the Olympic games, basketball is truly a team game, and the Ball Screen - in other words screening the defensive player guarding the basketball - is vital to maintaining a balanced scoring attack and should and will always remain a primary team fundamental.

We have all learned to set a screen and roll to the basket. But, it seems that we always don't exactly do it right. Sometimes we just screen the space and not the defender. Many times after screening the ball, we roll the wrong way - everyone that has played basketball has been yelled at for rolling the wrong way. Sometimes we use a bad angle to set the screen, and we don't get enough separation to allow the roller to get open. But, I will tell you, when we do it right, WE SCORE!

So, we have a developed a method of teaching youth basketball players that we hope is easy for the kids to understand and remember. And once they start to have success with the technique we teach, it becomes an automatic habit under pressure that leads to baskets. When the kids score baskets, everything gets better and easier to teach.

Pick and Roll

Screen (Pick) and Roll - Step by Step

We say step-by-step because that is exactly how we teach it.

Following are the STEPS we teach:

-- L-Cut and come to ball
-- Fist (vs Target) on outside ear showing the ball handler we are coming to screen (vs getting open for a pass)
-- Jumpstop - getting the defensive player guarding the ball in our feet
-- Wait for Ball Handler to come off your hip and follow your arrow
-- Reverse 180 with your pivot foot being closest to basket
-- Go to basket with 10 fingers up and target to receive pass on roll

-- WAIT for the Jumpstop by the screener
-- READ the arrow stuck thru the screeners chest and out their back pointing in the direction to take the ball
-- Come off the screen shoulder to hip - your shoulder to the screeners hip to SCORE
-- If you can drive to the basket and score - DO IT
-- If the defense switches - then take the ball 2 dribbles in the direction of the arrow
-- Keep your dribble and pass to the screener after they complete the Reverse 180 Roll to the basket

This description will all come together by watching this video showing the kids executing the Screen and Roll to perfection!

The Screen and Roll Instructional Video

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