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The third change of direction move we teach is the SPIN DRIBBLE. We teach the CROSSOVER and REVERSE first, because the SPIN is generally more difiicult for the kids to perform.

But, it probably the quickest and most effective change of direction move in basketball. As the kids grow and get stronger with the basketball, this move combined with and Inside-Out, Hesitiation, Drive and Pin, and many other moves can be a strong weapon to beat the defense. But, HOLD ON, that's down the road when they grow up. We are talking about fundamentals and basics for YOUTH BASKETBALL now.

The SPIN DRIBBLE has the same footwork and the REVERSE. The difference is we keep the ball in the same hand on the change of direction, and SPIN with the ball in the same hand. This requires a little more dexterity with the hands and gets easier as the kids get bigger hands. But, it is definitely possible to teach this to a 2nd Grader. This is a move that seems to get easier as each kid develops a feel for it. The timing and rhythm improve as they practice.

Key Coaching Point - It helps to make the last dribble before the SPIN, a TIGHT (lower to the ground and harder) dribble.

Two big advatages:

1 - It is quick and you can seal the defense with your body

2 - The ball is brought with you on the change of direction and cannot be poked away on the change.

Be patient on teaching this skill. The kids need to SEE it and understand the advantages of it. Some kids will pick it up early and go to town, others will take a while. But, as the kids grow and get stronger, this move will be a valuable skill as they build a solid basketball foundation.

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