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Deep Step Drive
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The DEEP STEP DRIVE is used after catching the basketball, no dribble used, feet in line to the basket, and we cannot square to Triple Threat Position, because the defense in closed out hard on us.

The footwork we use on the the DEEP STEP is a REVERSE 180 PIVOT. Follow the link for details on Pivoting. We always want to square up to triple threat position after receiving the ball. But, in this case, we cannot, because the defender has closed out hard and is "bellying up" to us and NOT allowing a square up to the basket.

Most kids will lean away, sometimes travel, but most of the time start to dribble right away to get away from the defensive pressure. WE DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS!

We want to make the defense pay for the pressure, by going TO the BASKET and scoring - and we do this with the DEEP STEP.

As seen in the video above, the DEEP STEP DRIVE is a long reverse 180 pivot, sealing the line to the basket, and beating the defender to the basket.

We must stay low and point our non-pivoting foot to the basket on the reverse 180 DEEP STEP pivot and get to the basket and score.

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