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Deep Step Rocker
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Although it is a little more advanced, the Deep Step Rocker can be taught as early as the Grade School level. Much like the Rocker Move out of a faced up triple threat position, the Deep Step Rocker takes time to learn, but can be a great Offensive weapon for the kids after they develop the timing and rhythm to perform it.

As shown in the video above, the offensive player catches the basketball and does not have room to square up. This is an AUTOMATIC read for the DEEP STEP SERIES.

We have taken the defender on the Deep Step Drive. And, we have taken and Deep Step and pulled back into triple threat creating space from the defense with the Deep Step Square Up. NOW, with the DEEP STEP ROCKER, we are going to take a Deep Step, and ROCK our head and upper body back - just like we did when we pulled back to triple threat - BUT, we leave our foot that took the Deep Step there on the ROCK. This causes the defender to lean or lunge back at us, THEN we pick up our Deep Step foot and drive to the basket!

It is kind like saying to someone, "yes, no, yes" or "go, stop, go".

It will be surprising how quickly the kids pick this up. Like most youth basketball drills we teach the kids, some will grab it and go, others will take a while. But, all the kids will eventually benefit from becoming competent with the DEEP STEP SERIES!

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