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Deep Step Square Up
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The Deep Step Square Up is performed after the offensive player catches the ball, and the defense is applying so much pressure that the offensive player cannot square up to triple threat position.

The footwork we use is a long Reverse 180 Pivot. That's why we call it a DEEP STEP, because it is a long Reverse 180.

We drive the defender off and toward the basket causing them to retreat, and then we pull back into Triple Threat Position. By taking a DEEP STEP (long Reverse 180) and pulling back to triple threat, we create space between us and the defender.

The end result is we are in good Triple Threat Position, with space to work. We now have all of our Offensive Moves and space to execute against the defense. Our pivot foot is the SAME as if we were to square up normally (forward) to the basket. Generally, we want the baseline foot to be the pivot foot - left pivot on left side of floor - right pivot on right side of floor.

Balance, timing, and rhythm are all key to the Deep Step Square Up.

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